Polymers for Soil and Water Conservation

Water Reserve

Improve Crop Efficiency, Conserve Water


A moist root zone is critical to any plant. Water Reserve is a synthetic acrylic polymer that acts as a mini sponge, storing more than 400 times it weight in water. Polymers, when cross-linked, create polymeric chains. When exposed to water through osmosis this polymer network of chains becomes absorbed with water, creating a hydrogel that dispenses 95% of its stored water. The process is repeated when the plants are next watered. Water Reserve is non-toxic and safe to use in turf/sod, potting and transplanting applications.


  • Can be safely used indoors and outdoors
  • Continually works up to seven years after initial application
  • Works even in the hardest of waters
  • Reduces watering by 50%
  • Increases porosity and oxygen in soil
  • Excellent for drought-resistant xeriscaping
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