Polymers for Soil and Water Conservation


Fight Erosion on Sprinkler- and Furrow-Irrigated Land

SOILPAM for Sprinkler and Furrow Irrigated Land
SOILPAM® brings innovation to agricultural irrigation applications.

SOILPAM®, applied in irrigation water, stabilizes soil aggregates which can then resist the erosive forces of water and wind. Maintaining soil aggregate structure ensures high water infiltration, proper water distribution and reduced soil erosion. Apply SOILPAM® in the first water to touch disturbed dry soil to gain dramatic field management and crop-yield benefits, regardless of the soil type. SOILPAM® products include SOILPAM® L (in liquid form), along with SOILPAM® TrackSack and TrackLogs to mitigate wheel track ruts.

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I purchased SOILPAM® TrackSack and TrackLog to alleviate pivot track ruts. For just a couple hundred dollars I eliminated weeks of downtime and worry about my pivot getting stuck. It didn't get stuck! These SOILPAM products are convenient and they work.
— John Raines


  • Increases crop emergence rates by 35%
  • Improves irrigation effectiveness with infiltration increases up to 75% and increased wetting profiles
  • Improves erosion control
  • Decreases soil crusting
  • Decreases nutrient and agricultural chemical losses by 90+%
  • Decreases pesticide absorption
  • Provides greater crop yields by 30%
  • Breaks down into harmless carbon dioxide, water and ammonium nitrate under field

Both TrackSack & TrackLog:

  • Reduce pivot maintenance by reducing compaction around wheel tracks
  • Eliminate hard clods around wheel tracks
  • Eliminate standing water, lowers disease potential
  • Prevent sprinklers from getting stuck


SOILPAM L - Irrigation Injection

SOILPAM® L can be consistently metered directly from the container into the irrigation ditch water, directly into the furrow, or through a pipe line or injector pump without plugging.

SOILPAM ® TrackSack

SOILPAM TrackSack - Irrigation Technology

SOILPAM® TrackSack contains tablets in a mesh bag that hang over the center pivot of a sprinkler or at the edge of ditch in direct contact with irrigation water. This innovative irrigation technology prevents the formation of deep ruts and wheel track erosion on slopes.

SOILPAM ® TrackLog

SOILPAM TrackLog - Soil Stabilizer

SOILPAM® TrackLog is a semi-solid rubbery log that minimizes center pivot wheel track ruts and, for a few dollars per acre, offers more than a full season of crop protection. Just hang one over each wheel track tower and the sprinkler slowly dissolves the polymers and stabilizes the soil under it.

SOILPAM - Fight Erosion
Without SOILPAM®


  • SOILPAM® 2 x 15 lb. cases (total weight 30 lbs.)
  • SOILPAM® Tablets in 35-lb. containers
  • SOILPAM® TrackSack (one case per 7 to 8 tower pivots, 35-lbs.per case)
  • SOILPAM® L in 5-gallon dispensers (with box)
  • SOILPAM® L in 5-gallon containers (no box or screen)
  • SOILPAM® L in 275-gallon tote bins
  • SOILPAM® TrackLogs (48 cases per pallet, 4 TrackLogs per case)